What is consonant?

  • (noun): A speech sound that is not a vowel.
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In articulatory phonetics, a consonant is a speech sound that is articulated with complete or partial closure of the vocal tract. Examples are, pronounced with the lips;, pronounced with the front of the tongue;, pronounced with the back of the tongue;, pronounced in the throat; and, pronounced by forcing air through a narrow channel (fricatives); and and, which have air flowing through the nose (nasals). Contrasting with consonants are vowels.

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Laryngeal Consonant
... A laryngeal consonant is generally synonymous with a glottal consonant that is, with, and ... folds, though epiglottal and aryepiglottal consonants are usually counted as radical rather than as laryngeal ... The term laryngeal consonant is also used for laryngealized consonants articulated in the upper vocal tract, such as Arabic 'emphatics' and Korean 'tense ...
Classical Milanese Orthography - Table of Pronunciation
... on the penultimate syllable for words ending in vowel, on the last syllable for these ending in consonant ... Sign Context IPA Notes a followed by double consonant or accented word-finally a stress is indicated with grave accent a elsewhere aː stress is indicated with grave accent aa ...
Pulmonic Consonant - See Also
... Ejective consonant Implosive consonant Click consonant Airstream mechanism. ...
Phonological Rule - Types
... Metathesis Quantitative metathesis Lenition Consonant gradation Consonant voicing and devoicing Assibilation L-vocalization Debuccalization Fortition ... depending on whether or not the preceding consonant is voiced ... such as a stressless syllable or a weak consonant, is not pronounced for example, most American English speakers do not pronounce the in "handbag" ...
Consonant - Audio Samples
... The following are consonant charts with links to audio samples ... IPA chart pulmonic consonants with audio - (requires browser with JavaScript) IPA chart non-pulmonic consonants with audio - (requires browser with JavaScript) IPA chart affricate consonants with ...

More definitions of "consonant":

  • (noun): A letter of the alphabet standing for a spoken consonant.