Nasal Vowels

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Gǀui Dialect - Phonology - Vowels
... Gǀui has five modal vowels, a e i o u, three nasal vowels, ã ẽ õ, and two pharyngeal vowels, aˤ oˤ ... Gǀui also has breathy-voice vowels, but they are described as part of the tone system ... Only the five modal vowels a e i o u occur in monomoraic (CV or V) roots, which except for the noun χò 'thing, place, case' are all grammatical morphemes ...
Seneca Language - Phonology - Vowels - Nasal Vowels
... /ɛ/ is a low-mid front vowel ... It is nasalized ...
Chittagonian Language - Nasal Vowels
... Nasalization of vowels is contrastive in Chittagonian, as with other Eastern Indic languages ... A word can change its meaning solely by changing an oral vowel into a nasal vowel, as in আর ar "and" vs ... Below are examples of Chittagonian phrases that include nasal vowels ...
Romance Languages - Linguistic Features - Phonology - Vowels
... Every language has a different set of vowels from every other ... Romance languages (which includes the vast majority) actually had a seven-vowel system /a ɛ e i ɔ o u/, which is kept in most Italo-Western languages ... like Spanish and Romanian, the phonemic status and difference between open-mid and close-mid vowels was lost ...

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    These equal syllables alone require,
    Though oft the ear the open vowels tire;
    Alexander Pope (1688–1744)