What is cereal?

  • (noun): Grass whose starchy grains are used as food: wheat; rice; rye; oats; maize; buckwheat; millet.
    Synonyms: cereal grass
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Cereals are grasses (members of the monocot family Poaceae, also known as Gramineae) cultivated for the edible components of their grain (botanically, a type of fruit called a caryopsis), composed of the endosperm, germ, and bran. Cereal grains are grown in greater quantities and provide more food energy worldwide than any other type of crop; they are therefore staple crops.

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Cereal Killaz - Biography
... The Cereal Killaz began in Orlando, Florida in 2005 as a collaboration between Alan Linhart (also known as zarbizarre) and Kenneth Crooks (also known as Kostek) ... The Cereal Killaz is one of but a few US acts to have performed at the Breakspoll International Breakbeat Awards, with their set from the performance ... and music by the Cereal Killaz has gone into a regular rotation in her shows ...
Sunny Boy Cereal
... Sunny Boy Cereal is a porridge, or hot cereal, made of wheat, rye, and flax, produced in Camrose, Alberta, Canada ... of Edmonton, Alberta but the cereal was originally produced in Camrose, Alberta by Byers Flour Mills, starting in 1929 ... Sunny Boy Cereal is used in many recipes, including Sunny Boy muffins ...
Sir Grapefellow
... Sir Grapefellow was a short-lived cereal created by General Mills around 1972 that featured a British World War I era pilot ... The cereal consisted of "grape flavored oat cereal with sweet grape starbits (marshmallows)" ... von Redberry (another 1970s General Mills cereal brand) ...
Cereal Northern Mosaic Virus
... cereal northern mosaic virus wheat rosette stunt virus Cereal northern mosaic virus (NCMV) is a plant pathogenic virus of the family Rhabdoviridae ...
Cereal, Alberta - Demographics
... In the 2011 Census, the Village of Cereal had a population of 134 living in 71 of its 79 total dwellings, a 6.3% change from its 2006 population of 126 ... In 2006, Cereal had a population of 126 living in 68 dwellings, a 32.6% decrease from 2001 ...

More definitions of "cereal":

  • (adj): Made of grain or relating to grain or the plants that produce it.
    Example: "A cereal beverage"; "cereal grasses"
  • (noun): A breakfast food prepared from grain.
  • (noun): Foodstuff prepared from the starchy grains of cereal grasses.
    Synonyms: grain, food grain

Famous quotes containing the word cereal:

    To become a celebrity is to become a brand name. There is Ivory Soap, Rice Krispies, and Philip Roth. Ivory is the soap that floats; Rice Krispies the breakfast cereal that goes snap-crackle-pop; Philip Roth the Jew who masturbates with a piece of liver.
    Philip Roth (b. 1933)