What is biscuit?

  • (noun): Small round bread leavened with baking-powder or soda.
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A biscuit ( /ˈbɪskɨt/) is a baked, commonly flour-based food product. The term is applied to two distinctly different products in North America and the Commonwealth Nations and Europe.

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Plasmon Biscuit
... Plasmon biscuits are a biscuit containing plasmon, a proprietary dried milk ... was added to a number of different products to make Plasmon Oats, Plasmon Cocoa and Plasmon Biscuits ... Plasmon biscuits were very popular around the turn of the 20th century, and were considered a health food ...
Biscuits Today
... Most modern biscuits can trace their origins back to either the hardtack ship's biscuit, or the creative art of the baker Ship's biscuit derived Digestive, rich tea, Abernethy, cracker Baker's art Biscuit rose de ... The term biscuit also applies to sandwich-type biscuits, wherein a layer of "creme" or icing is sandwiched between two biscuits, such as the custard cream, or a layer of jam (as in ... Usually, a dedicated section for sweet biscuits is found in most European supermarkets ...
Soggy Biscuit
... Soggy biscuit also known as ookie cookie, limp biscuit or wet biscuit, is a male masturbation game reportedly played in schools where the participants stand around a biscuit masturbating until ejaculating onto it ... The game is also known in Australia as soggy Sao after the SAO brand of biscuits popular there ... Although "soggy biscuit" is not necessarily associated with homosexuality, since the game does not require mutual masturbation or other contact, the idea and practice of the ...
Lincoln Biscuit
... The Lincoln is a short dough biscuit, a member of the genus, shortcake biscuits ... version had the word 'Lincoln' embossed on to the biscuit at the centre ... Lincoln biscuits are still available in Irish supermarkets and dedicated fans can still order a packet at several sites dedicated to providing hard-to get essentials ...
Sea Wife - Plot
... cinemas after each performance of the film), in which "Biscuit" tries to get in touch with "Sea Wife" ... Eventually Cannon, who is Biscuit, receives a letter summoning him to the Ely Retreat and Mental Home ... Bulldog tries to persuade Biscuit to give up the search ...

More definitions of "biscuit":

  • (noun): Any of various small flat sweet cakes ('biscuit' is the British term).
    Synonyms: cookie, cooky

Famous quotes containing the word biscuit:

    “He is so polite!”MYes, he is always prepared with a biscuit for Cerberus and is so timid that he assumes everyone is Cerberus, even you and me—that is his “politeness.”
    Friedrich Nietzsche (1844–1900)