What is ATM?

  • (noun): A unit of pressure: the pressure that will support a column of mercury 760 mm high at sea level and 0 degrees centigrade.
    Synonyms: standard atmosphere, atmosphere, standard pressure
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Single European Sky ATM Research
... Single European Sky ATM Research (SESAR) is the name given to the collaborative project that is intended to completely overhaul the European airspace and its Air Traffic Management (ATM) ...
ATM - Miscellaneous
... ATM (film), a 2012 American film "Able Toastmaster", used as a postnominal for people granted awards from Toastmasters International Active Traffic Management, motorway scheme on the M42 in ...
Autoritat Territorial De La Mobilitat De Les Comarques Centrals - See Also
... authorities of Catalonia (integrated transport system) ATM Àrea de Barcelona ATM Camp de Tarragona ATM Comarques Centrals * ATM Àrea de Girona ATM Àrea de Lleida ATM Àrea de Barcelona Metro de Barcelona ...
Circuit Emulation Service
... E-carrier circuits over Asynchronous Transfer Mode (ATM) networks ... Newer applications use CES to carry TDM/ATM over packet-switched networks (CESoP) ... But the legacy TDM and ATM equipment has been widely deployed in traditional telecommunication networks private branch exchanges (PBX) in enterprise offices, PDH/SDH equipment in ...
Single European Sky ATM Research - Project
... The SESAR project is composed of three phases a Definition phase (2004–2008), to deliver an ATM master plan defining the content, the development and ... situation full integration of airport operations as part of ATM and the planning process trajectory management, reducing the constraints of airspace organisation to a minimum new aircraft separation modes ...

More definitions of "ATM":

  • (noun): A means of digital communications that is capable of very high speeds; suitable for transmission of images or voice or video as well as data.
    Example: "ATM is used for both LAN and WAN"
    Synonyms: asynchronous transfer mode