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Theoria - Eastern Orthodox Church - Contemplative Differences Between Eastern Christianity and Western Christianity - Augustine of Hippo
... Another example used by certain theologians in Eastern Christianity is that of St Augustine ... is still revered as a saint, but, according to Romanides, does not qualify as a theologian in the Eastern Orthodox church ... He says that Eastern theologians, would, in light of their experiences, articulate their expressions of those things differently ...
Palamism - Modern Rediscovery of Palamas - Among Western Theologians
... of the twentieth century saw a remarkable change in the attitude of Roman Catholic theologians to Palamas, a "rehabilitation" of him that has led to ... The work of Orthodox theologian, John Meyendorff, is considered to have transformed the opinion of the Western Church regarding Palamism ... on Palamas, Palamism was considered by Western theologians to be a "curious and sui generis example of medieval Byzantium's intellectual decline" ...
Western Christianity's View of Hesychasm - Roman Catholic Views
... the last of the five senses in which, according to Kallistos Ware, the term is used), the Western Church held no council in which to make a pronouncement on the issue, and the word "hesychasm" does ... Despite the fact that Palamism has never been officially condemned by the Catholic Church, Western theologians have tended to reject it, often equating it with quietism ... asserts that "the distinctive tenets of the seventeenth century Western Quietists is not characteristic of Greek hesychasm." Similarly, Kallistos Ware argues that it is important not to translate "hesychasm" as "quieti ...

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    Wordsworth’s particular grace, his charisma, as theologians say, has been granted in equal measure to so very few men since time was—to Plato and who else?
    The crucial thing is never what we do, but always what we do right after that. What matters is always the next step!
    Robert Musil (1880–1942)

    Westron wind, when will thou blow?
    The small rain down can rain.
    Christ, that my love were in my arms,
    And I in my bed again.
    —Unknown. Western Wind (l. 1–4)