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List Of Presidents Of The United States Who Died In Office - Warren G. Harding
... Warren G ... Harding's sudden death in 1923 led to theories that he had been poisoned or committed suicide ... Suicide appears unlikely, since Harding was planning for a second term election ...
Ku Klux Klan Members In United States Politics - Individual Cases - Warren G. Harding - Evidence Against Harding's Membership
... Dubner wrote of their visit to Stetson Kennedy's Florida home and alluded to Warren Harding's possible Klan affiliation ... in their article specifically addressed whether Warren Harding was or was not a Klan member, they now indicated that they no longer accepted Stetson Kennedy's testimony about the Klan at ... material on file at the Ohio Historical Society in Columbus does not contain evidence of Harding's alleged membership in the Klan ...
Warren G. Harding - Memorials
... Warren G ... Harding High School, Warren, Ohio Warren G ... Harding Middle School, Steubenville, Ohio Warren G ...
List Of People Pardoned Or Granted Clemency By The President Of The United States - Warren Harding
... President Warren G ... Harding pardoned, commuted or rescinded the convictions of 800 people during his term ...
Elizabeth Ann Blaesing
... Elizabeth Ann Britton Harding Blaesing (22 October 1919 – 17 November 2005) was the alleged illegitimate daughter of Warren G ... Harding, the 29th President of the United States, and Nan Britton, a native of Marion, Ohio ... Ann Guild, 1927), could never produce primary source evidence to prove that Harding acknowledged his paternity of the child ...

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    Our young people have come to look upon war as a kind of beneficent deity, which not only adds to the national honor but uplifts a nation and develops patriotism and courage. That is all true. But it is only fair, too, to let them know that the garments of the deity are filthy and that some of her influences debase and befoul a people.
    —Rebecca Harding Davis (1831–1910)

    She blinks and croaks, like a toad or a Norn, in the horrible light,
    And rattles her crutch, which may put forth a small bloom, perhaps
    —Robert Penn Warren (1905–1989)