Vocal Folds

The vocal folds, also known commonly as your vocal cords, are composed of twin infoldings of mucous membrane stretched horizontally across the larynx. They vibrate, modulating the flow of air being expelled from the lungs during phonation.

Open during inhalation, closed when holding one's breath, and vibrating for speech or singing (oscillating 440 times per second when singing A above middle C), the folds are controlled via the vagus nerve. They are white because of scant blood circulation.

Birds do not produce vocal sounds by means of vocal folds but by oscillations of membranes in the syrinx.

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List Of Muscles Of The Human Body/version 2 - Muscles of Head and Neck: The Head - Larynx
... external laryngeal branch of the vagus tension and elongation of the vocal folds (has minor adductory effect) Cricoarytenoid Muscle Origin Insertion Artery Nerve Action Antagonist ...
Laryngeal Cavity
... It is divided into two parts by the projection of the vocal folds, between which is a narrow triangular fissure or chink, the rima glottidis ... of the cavity of the larynx above the vocal folds is called the vestibule it is wide and triangular in shape, its base or anterior wall presenting, however, about its center ... It contains the ventricular folds, and between these and the vocal folds are the ventricles of the larynx ...
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... the production of a periodic sound wave by vibration of the vocal folds ... It is the properties of tension and elasticity that allow the vocal folds to be stretched, bunched, brought together and separated ... During prephonation, the vocal folds move from the abducted to adducted position ...
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... Vocal cord dysfunction is often diagnosed after all other potential conditions are ruled out ... A clinician can then view the movement of the vocal folds and determine whether there is any abnormality ... If the endoscopy is not performed during an episode, it is likely that the vocal folds are moving normally and the clinician will not detect an abnormality ...
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... The mucociliary blanket which keeps the vocal fold moist and lubricated is indispensable in vocal health ... genetically determined, which points out that genetics may influence vocal fold health and pathogenesis ... In normal vocal fold, the jelly-like “Reinke’s space” is very loose and abundant with interstitial proteins such as hyaluronic acid, fibronectin, proteoglycan ...

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