Vidyasagar Evening College

Vidyasagar Evening College is located in Kolkata (Calcutta), India. This is a government-aided college. In this college a number of undergraduate courses are taught. The students get B.A, B.Sc or B.Com degree from the University of Calcutta depending on subjects they choose. The college has an equipped library as well as Physics, Chemistry and Biology laboratories. College also has well qualified teachers and dedicated supporting stuff. Students from all over the state of West Bengal come to study in this college. Employers have conducted on campus job interviews in the academic year 2006-2007 and selected good students for highly paid and lucrative jobs, primarily in the booming local software industry.

In recent times this college has organised seminars in important topics both in the fields of Literature as well as Science. The topics include

(i) Trends in Indian poetry

(ii) Religious reforms in eastern India

(iii) Game theory of Mathematics

(iv) Civilian use of nuclear power

(v) Interpretation of Quantum Theory.

(vi) Differential Equations (Sponsored by Dept. of Higher Edn. Govt. of. WB, 2011)

(vii) Engendering and related social issues (UGC sponsored National Level, 2011)

Department of English has also organised a paper presentation session on the usage of supernatural elements in European literature.

The Department of Physics organises science exhibitions to popularise scientific temperament among the local school children. Students of neighbouring schools demonstrate scientific models and scientific experiments which are designed and fabricated by them. For organising this exhibition Department of Physics gets financial support from the Indian Physics Teachers Association.

University Grants Commission has approved research grant for advanced research in Theoretical Physics, which is conducted in this college. The college faculty has published a number of important research articles in peer reviewed journals of Physics such as the Physical Review Letters.

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