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Peter Flanigan - Rising Politician - Vice Presidency
... He had no strong preference for a vice presidential candidate, and Republican officeholders and party officials met in a "smoke-filled room" and recommended Nixon to the general ... Nixon responsibilities during his term as vice president that would enable him to be effective from the start as a successor ... Biographer Irwin Gellman, who chronicled Nixon's congressional years, said of his vice presidency Eisenhower radically altered the role of his running mate by presenting him with critical assignments in both foreign ...
Ramón González Valencia - The Presidency
... Party to be the running mate of Rafael Reyes as his vice-president ... forget the events of July 31, 1900, when Vice-President José Manuel Marroquín, with the aid of the military and the conservative party, had removed for m office President Manuel ... General Reyes had to contrive a plan to remove General González Valencia from the vice-presidency ...
Presidential Designate - History
... In 1858 the office of the office Vice President of Colombia was abolished, and the line of succession was broken and modified, making the heads of the Ministries of Colombia the successors to the ... of the Colombian Constitution of 1886, the vice-presidency was reinstituted, but because of the resignation of vice president Eliseo Payán in 1887, Congress ... In En 1905, President Rafael Reyes abolished once again the vice presidency, and amended the constitution to allow him to choose the presidential designates, but after his ...
Acting Vice President Of The United States
... Acting Vice President of the United States is an unofficial (and incorrect) designation that has occasionally been used when the office of Vice President was vacant ... Senate assumes the role of presiding officer over the Senate in the event that the vice presidency is rendered vacant either by death, resignation, removal from office or succession to the presidency ... Under the 1792 Act of Succession, in the absence of a Vice President, the President pro tempore was next in line for the powers of the presidency ...
Chester A. Arthur - Vice Presidency
... Postmaster General, but the cabinet fight and Arthur's ill-considered speech left the President and Vice President estranged when they took their oaths of office on ... As Vice President, Arthur cast tie-breaking votes in favor of the Republicans when Mahone opted to join their caucus ... that Guiteau was mentally unstable and unconnected with the Vice President ...

Famous quotes containing the words presidency and/or vice:

    Some of the offers that have come to me would never have come if I had not been President. That means these people are trying to hire not Calvin Coolidge, but a former President of the United States. I can’t make that kind of use of the office.... I can’t do anything that might take away from the Presidency any of its dignity, or any of the faith people have in it.
    Calvin Coolidge (1872–1933)

    I think the vice of our housekeeping is that it does not hold man sacred. The vice of government, the vice of education, the vice of religion, is one with that of the private life.
    Ralph Waldo Emerson (1803–1882)