• (adj): Moving very rapidly to and fro or up and down.
    Example: "The vibrating piano strings"
    Synonyms: vibratory

Some articles on vibrating:

Love Egg - Structure
... The device of the love egg includes an egg- or bullet-shaped vibrating item with or without the wire ... For example, there can be the following patterns of vibrations pulsating (short pulse-like vibrating sessions), escalation (vibrating motions that start with slow speed and stop abruptly), surging ...
Vibrating Alert
... A vibrating alert is a feature of communications devices to notify the user of an incoming connection ... Vibrating alerts are primarily used when a user cannot hear the ring tone (a noisy environment or through hearing loss) or wants a more discreet notification ... Most 21st-century mobile phones are fitted with a vibrating alert, one of the exceptions being the Nokia 9500 due to the large size of this phone a larger motor would be required to make the phone vibrate ...
Motorola Minitor - Disadvantages
... when an alert is received, giving the possibility of either a silent (vibrating) alert or audible and vibrating alerts ... Minitor I and II do not have vibrating capabilities standard) ... The vibrating motor in the newer (IV and V) Minitor pagers is quite strong in order to be felt in varying conditions, such as when performing heavy work ...
Artificial Vagina - Human Use - Types - Vibrating
... the previous one, but they have the added feature a vibrating element—usually a removable vibrating bullet that can be easily inserted into a hole into ... For more intensive sensations there are a variety of functions vibrating, pulsating, surging, rotating, multi-speed, etc ... Vibrating bullets are usually controlled by a panel connected by a wire ...
Types of Conveyor Systems - Vibrating Conveyor Systems
... A Vibrating Conveyor is a machine with a solid conveying surface which is turned up on the side to form a trough ... Vibrating conveyors are also suitable for harsh, very hot, dirty, or corrosive environments ... Due to the fixed nature of the conveying pans vibrating conveyors can also perform tasks such as sorting, screening, classifying and orienting parts ...

Famous quotes containing the word vibrating:

    ... the structure of a page of good prose is, analyzed logically, not something frozen but the vibrating of a bridge, which changes with every step one takes on it.
    Robert Musil (1880–1942)