Vernacular - First Vernacular Grammars

First Vernacular Grammars

Through metalinguistic publications vernaculars acquired the status of official languages. Between 1437 and 1586 the first grammars of Italian, Spanish, French, Dutch, German and English were written, though not always immediately published. It is to be understood that the first vestiges of those languages preceded their standardization by up to several hundred years.

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First Vernacular Grammars - English Grammar
... speaks RP … new brands of English have been springing up even in recent times..." What the vernacular would be in this case is a moot point "… the standardisation of ... Mulcaster, William Bullokar wrote the first English grammar to be written in English Pamphlet for Grammar, followed by Bref Grammar, both in 1586 ... Speech (1580) but his orthography was not generally accepted and was soon supplanted, and his grammar shared a similar fate ...

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