VBR may refer to:

  • Variable bitrate, in telecommunications and computing, when the bitrate used in sound or video encoding is not held constant
  • Volume Boot Record, in computer disks, a type of boot sector that contains code for bootstrapping programs
  • Vector Base Register
  • The Reverse Breakdown Voltage with a diode in electronics.
  • Vinnell-Brown & Root, a private contractor that provides base maintenance support for the U.S. military in Turkey
  • Vouch by Reference, a standard way for email certification providers to vouch for outbound email sent by others
  • Very Best Regards, an abbreviation often used in text messages or e-mail
  • Ventricle to brain ratio, in medicine, the total volume of the brain ventricles divided by the total brain volume on medical imagery

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Mp3 Files - Bit Rate - VBR
... VBR is used when the goal is to achieve a fixed level of quality ... The final file size of a VBR encoding is less predictable than with constant bitrate ... Average bitrate is VBR implemented as a compromise between the two – the bitrate is allowed to vary for more consistent quality, but is controlled to remain near an average value chosen by the user, for ...
Traffic Contract - Type of Service - Non-Real-Time Variable Bit Rate (nrt-VBR)
... The nrt-VBR service category is used for connections that transport variable bit rate traffic for which there is no inherent reliance on time synchronisation between the traffic source and ... An application that might require an nrt-VBR service category is Frame Relay interworking, where the Frame Relay CIR (Committed Information Rate) is mapped to ... No delay bounds are associated with nrt-VBR service ...
Aayudham Seivom - Plot
... VBR (Manivannan), a villainous former minister, sends him to steal a confidential file containing vital evidence on the death of the collector Sukanya at Udayamoorthy's place ... He gathers evidence to discover the murderer of Sukanya, even as VBR burns the documents to destroy the evidence ... Sathya continues with his task of exposing VBR, and adopts Gandhian principles of nonviolence and peaceful satyagraha ...
Vanadium(III) Bromide
... Vanadium(III) bromide, also known as vanadium tribromide, is VBr3 ... In the solid-state, this species is a polymeric with octahedral vanadium(III) surrounded by six bromide ligands ...