Variable Length

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Packetized Elementary Stream - PES Packet Header - Optional PES Header
... flag 1 CRC flag 1 extension flag 1 PES header length 8 gives the length of the remainder of the PES header Optional fields variable length presence is determined by flag bits above Stuffing Bytes variable ...
Global Dialing Scheme - GDS in North America
... X is a variable length string of digits consisting of any digit between 0 and 8 ... is a variable length user-defined number consisting of any digits 0-9 ... Thus, NASS addresses are variable in length ...
Insulin/IGF/Relaxin Family - Structure
... (corresponding to B chain in insulin) followed by a variable-length chain, followed by a domain (A chain in insulin) with two helices pinned against each other via a disulfide bond ... The variable-length chains may exhibit large inter-species variation even when the remaider of the sequence is highly conserved and as is in the case of insulin, sometimes the variable length ...
IBM 7030 Stretch - Architecture - Data Formats
... Fixed point numbers were variable length, stored in either binary (1 to 64 bits) or decimal (1 to 16 digits) and either unsigned format or sign/magnitude format ... In decimal format, digits were variable length "bytes" (4 to 8 bits) ... Alphanumeric characters were variable length and could use any character code of 8-bits or less ...
Variable-length Quantity
... A variable-length quantity (VLQ) is a universal code that uses an arbitrary number of binary octets (eight-bit bytes) to represent an arbitrarily large integer ... tag numbers, and it is used in the WAP environment, where it is called variable length unsigned integer or uintvar ...

Famous quotes containing the words length and/or variable:

    It was inspiriting to hear the regular dip of the paddles, as if they were our fins or flippers, and to realize that we were at length fairly embarked. We who had felt strangely as stage-passengers and tavern-lodgers were suddenly naturalized there and presented with the freedom of the lakes and woods.
    Henry David Thoreau (1817–1862)

    Walked forth to ease my pain
    Along the shore of silver streaming Thames,
    Whose rutty bank, the which his river hems,
    Was painted all with variable flowers,
    Edmund Spenser (1552?–1599)