U.S. Route 202 in Delaware

U.S. Route 202 In Delaware

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U.S. Route 202 (US 202) is a US Highway running from New Castle, Delaware northeast to Bangor, Maine. The southernmost section of the route in the U.S. state of Delaware runs through northern New Castle County. It runs from its southern terminus at a cloverleaf interchange with US 13/US 40 near the New Castle Airport north to the Pennsylvania border in Brandywine Hundred. The route heads past the airport concurrent with Delaware Route 141 (DE 141) before coming to an interchange with Interstate 95 (I-95). At this point, US 202 heads northeast along with I-95 through Wilmington. Just north of Wilmington, US 202 splits from I-95 by heading north on Concord Pike through the suburban Brandywine Hundred area to the Pennsylvania border.

The Concord Pike was originally chartered as the Wilmington and Great Valley Turnpike in 1811, a turnpike that was to connect Wilmington to Great Valley, Pennsylvania. The Concord Pike between US 13 in Wilmington and the Pennsylvania border became a part of US 122 in 1926. By 1936, US 122 was renumbered to US 202 and the road was realigned to head southwest and end at US 13 in downtown Wilmington. In the 1950s, the Concord Pike north of Wilmington was widened into a divided highway. By 1959, US 202 was realigned to follow US 13 northbound and Washington Street southbound through downtown Wilmington and was also extended south along US 13 to end at I-295/US 40 in Farnhurst. In 1971, US 202 was realigned to follow Concord Avenue to end at US 13 Business (US 13 Bus.). By 1981, US 202 was truncated to the I-95 interchange north of Wilmington, with DE 202 designated along Concord Avenue. US 202 was extended to its current terminus in 1985.

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