United States At The 1904 Summer Olympics - Results By Event - Athletics - Running


Event Place Athlete Heats Repechage Final
Men's 60 metres 1st Archie Hahn 7.2 seconds
1st, heat 3
Advanced directly 7.0 seconds
2nd William Hogenson 7.0 seconds
1st, heat 2
7.2 seconds
3rd Fay Moulton Unknown
1st, heat 4
7.2 seconds
4th Clyde Blair 7.0 seconds
1st, heat 1
7.2 seconds
5th Myer Prinstein Unknown
2nd, heat 1
7.2 seconds
2nd, repechage
6th Frank Castleman Unknown
2nd, heat 2
7.2 seconds
1st, repechage
7-8 Nathaniel Cartmell Unknown
2nd, heat 4
3-4, repechage
Did not advance
9-12 William Hunter Unknown
3-4, heat 1
Did not advance
George Poage Unknown
3-4, heat 1
Lawson Robertson Unknown
3rd, heat 3
Event Place Athlete Heats Final
Men's 100 metres 1st Archie Hahn 11.4 seconds
1st, heat 1
11.0 seconds
2nd Nathaniel Cartmell 11.4 seconds
1st, heat 3
11.2 seconds
3rd William Hogenson 11.6 seconds
1st, heat 2
11.2 seconds
4th Fay Moulton Unknown
2nd, heat 3
5th Frederick Heckwolf Unknown
2nd, heat 2
6th Lawson Robertson Unknown
2nd, heat 1
7-11 Clyde Blair Unknown
3rd, heat 3
Did not advance
Frank Castleman Unknown
4th, heat 3
Myer Prinstein Unknown
4th, heat 2
Men's 200 metres 1st Archie Hahn 22.2 seconds
1st, heat 1
21.6 seconds
2nd Nathaniel Cartmell Unknown
2nd, heat 1
21.9 seconds
3rd William Hogenson 22.8 seconds
1st, heat 2
4th Fay Moulton Unknown
2nd, heat 2
Event Place Athlete Final
Men's 400 metres 1st Harry Hillman 49.2 seconds OR
2nd Frank Waller 49.9 seconds
3rd Herman Groman 50.0 seconds
4th Joseph Fleming Unknown
5th Myer Prinstein Unknown
6th George Poage Unknown
7-12 Clyde Blair Unknown
Paul Pilgrim Unknown
George Underwood Unknown
Howard Valentine Unknown
Men's 800 metres 1st James Lightbody 1:56.0 OR
2nd Howard Valentine 1:56.3
3rd Emil Breitkreutz 1:56.4
4th George Underwood Unknown
6th Frank Verner Unknown
7-13 George Bonhag Unknown
Harvey Cohn Unknown
Lacey Hearn Unknown
John J. Joyce Unknown
Paul Pilgrim Unknown
Men's 1500 metres 1st James Lightbody 4:05.4 OR
2nd Frank Verner 4:06.8
3rd Lacey Hearn Unknown
4th David Munson Unknown
7th Howard Valentine Unknown
8th Harvey Cohn Unknown
9th Charles Bacon Unknown
Event Place Athlete Heats Final
Men's 110 metre hurdles 1st Fred Schule 16.2 seconds
1st, heat 1
16.0 seconds
2nd Thaddeus Schideler Unknown
2nd, heat 2
16.3 seconds
3rd Lesley Ashburner Unknown
2nd, heat 1
16.4 seconds
4th Frank Castleman 16.2 seconds
1st, heat 2
5-7 Craig McLanahan Unknown
3rd, heat 1
Event Place Athlete Final
Men's 200 metre hurdles 1st Harry Hillman 24.6 seconds OR
2nd Frank Castleman 24.9 seconds
3rd George Poage Unknown
4th George Varnell Unknown
5th Fred Schule Unknown
Men's 400 metre hurdles 1st Harry Hillman 53.0 seconds
2nd Frank Waller 53.2 seconds
3rd George Poage Unknown
4th George Varnell Unknown
Men's 2590 metre steeplechase 1st James Lightbody 7:39.6
3rd Arthur Newton Unknown
4th Frank Verner Unknown
5-7 Harvey Cohn Unknown
David Munson Unknown
Richard Sandford Unknown
Event Place Team Athletes Score
Men's 4 mile team race 1st New York AC Arthur Newton (1)
George Underwood (5)
Paul Pilgrim (6)
Howard Valentine (7)
David Munson (8)
27 points
2nd Chicago AA James Lightbody (2)
Frank Verner (3)
Lacey Hearn (4)
Albert Corey (9)
Sidney Hatch (10)
28 points
Event Place Athlete Final
Men's marathon 1st Thomas Hicks 3:28:53
2nd Albert Corey 3:34:52
3rd Arthur Newton 3:47:33
6th David Kneeland Unknown
7th Henry Brawley Unknown
8th Sidney Hatch Unknown
11th F. P. Devlin Unknown
13th John Furla Unknown
Edward P. Carr Did not finish
Robert Fowler Did not finish
John Foy Did not finish
William Garcia Did not finish
Thomas J. Kennedy Did not finish
John Lordon Did not finish
Samuel Mellor Did not finish
Frank Pierce Did not finish
Guy Porter Did not finish
Michael Spring Did not finish
Frederick Lorz Disqualified

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