Unit Mass

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Gravitational Field - Classical Mechanics
... way, the gravitational field g around a single particle of mass M is a vector field consisting at every point of a vector pointing directly towards the particle ... applying the universal law, and represents the force per unit mass on any object at that point in space ... Because the force field is conservative, there is a scalar potential energy per unit mass, Φ, at each point in space associated with the force fields this is called ...
G Force - Acceleration and Forces
... G-forces, when multiplied by a mass upon which they act, are associated with a certain type of mechanical force in the correct sense of the term force ... is opposite to the direction of g-force acceleration Weight = −mass times (g-force acceleration) The reason for the minus sign is that the actual force (i.e ... positive g-force (an acceleration vector that points upward) produces a force/weight on any mass, that acts downward (an example is positive-g acceleration of a rocket launch, producing downward ...
Specific Energy - Miscellaneous
... Kinetic energy per unit mass 1/2v2, where v is the speed (giving J/kg when v is in m/s) ... See also kinetic energy per unit mass of projectiles ... Potential energy with respect to gravity, close to earth, per unit mass gh, where g is the acceleration due to gravity (standardized as ~9.8 m/s2) and h is the height above the reference ...

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