Twin Rivers Primary School

Twin Rivers Primary School is a co-educational private school in Harare, Zimbabwe. It is situated in the Avondale area behind the 'Reps Theatre'. Mrs Blanche Davie is the headmistress and Mr. Ryan Vickery is the deputy headmaster

It opened in 1993 with Mrs. Hilary Middleton as the headmistress. Before the school was built it ran classes in the garden of a church not very far from the site of the school itself. Many of the teachers who taught at the school before it had been built remain with it.

The school was built on vlei, meaning that during the rains many of the fields flooded. There was also a small river that ran along the back of the school but was out of bounds for pupils. There were three houses into which the pupils were divided - Angwa, Gwebi and Mazoe, named after three rivers in Zimbabwe and colour-coded: Angwa - yellow, Gwebi - red, and Mazoe - Blue. The logo also reflects the 'twin rivers' where the two blue lines at the top of the shield unite into one river.

After 2000 a school hall, consisting of staff room, offices, tuck shop and other storage rooms, was built, costing in the region of ZW$6 million.

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