Trigger Guard

A trigger guard is a loop surrounding the trigger of a firearm and protecting it from accidental discharge.

Some assault rifles can have their trigger guard removed or positioned as not to impair firing with gloves for example in Arctic conditions.

Other devices such as inhalers, crossbows and power tools may also have trigger guards.

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Heckler & Koch P7 - Design Details - Features
... The pistol has an innovative trigger (with a squeeze cocking lever located at the front of the grip, beneath the trigger guard) and is striker fired ... The weapon is then fired by pressing the single stage trigger rated at approximately 20 N (4.5 lbf) As long as the lever is depressed, the weapon fires like ... The trigger and firing mechanism's method of operation (and the unique slide catch) were protected by U.S ...
Type 77 Pistol - Design Details
... by a button on the left side of the frame on the trigger guard below the actual trigger ... system allows the user to single-handedly chamber a cartridge by pulling the trigger guard back, which is connected to the slide ... When the trigger guard is released, the slide will return and chamber the cartridge almost instantaneously ...
Planet Eclipse Ego - Variations - Stock Models
... the SL74 (among them being an SL-style regulator, SL-style trigger, the Zick kit, and SL74 milling), there are quite a few differences ... The trigger guard has been enlarged allowing the player to walk the trigger easier and more comfortably than the ego8's trigger guard ... an air through POPS ASA, a new telescoping air transfer tube that runs from the trigger guard to the inline regulator which allows the marker to be macroless, it also features a new ...
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... travels on as well as hardpoints required for the trigger mechanism ... The slide spring guide, safety, trigger, and trigger guard are polymer ... When field stripping, the forward part of the trigger guard unlatches from the gripframe and is flexed downward out of the frame ...

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