Trial Judge

  • (noun): A judge in a trial court.

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Double Jeopardy Clause - "Twice Put in Jeopardy" - Retrial After Acquittal
... An acquittal in a trial by judge (bench trial) is also generally not appealable by the prosecution ... A trial judge may normally enter an acquittal if he deems the evidence insufficient for conviction ... If the judge makes this ruling before the jury reaches its verdict, the judge's determination is final ...
List Of Law & Order Characters - Recurring Characters - Judges - Trial Judges
... Name Portrayed by Year # Eps Trial Judge Alan Berman David Rosenbaum 1992–2004 14 Trial Judge Walter Bradley Peter McRobbie 2001–2009 13 Trial Judge Lisa Pongracic ... Scollay 1992–1999 8 Trial Judge Donald Karan Jordan Charney 2000–2006 8 Trial Judge Grace Larkin Rochelle Oliver 1990–2003 8 Trial Judge Grace Larkin Jacqueline Brookes ... Floyd 2006–2009 6 Trial Judge Eric Caffey John Newton 1991–1998 6 Trial Judge Nathan Murphy Mark Zimmerman 1997–2008 6 Trial Judge Robert Quinn ...
Arbitrary, Capricious And Unreasonable - Canada
... fact is such that they cannot be reversed unless the trial judge has made a “palpable and overriding error." A palpable error is one that is plainly seen ... The reasons for deferring to a trial judge's findings of fact can be grouped into three basic principles ... Secondly, the principle of deference promotes the autonomy and integrity of the trial proceedings ...
Cooper V. Oklahoma - Circumstances
... Both before and during his trial, the question of his competency to stand trial was raised five times ... The first time the question arose, the trial judge relied on the opinion of a state psychologist in determining to commit the defendant to a state psychiatric hospital for three months of treatment ... Upon Cooper's return, the trial judge heard testimony from two state psychologists regarding Cooper's competence, but as these experts disagreed over whether Cooper was ...
Wilhelm Furtwängler - Biography - "Third Reich" Controversy
... As Furtwängler explicitly said during his denazification trial, he knew that an attack was organized against Hitler, although he did not participated in its organization ... At his denazification trial, Furtwängler was charged with two official concerts for the period 1933-1945 ... The judge started the trial with the following sentences At the end of the trial, musicians certified that Furtwängler helped many people during Nazi era such as Hugo Strelitzer who declared "If I am ...

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    The comparison between Coleridge and Johnson is obvious in so far as each held sway chiefly by the power of his tongue. The difference between their methods is so marked that it is tempting, but also unnecessary, to judge one to be inferior to the other. Johnson was robust, combative, and concrete; Coleridge was the opposite. The contrast was perhaps in his mind when he said of Johnson: “his bow-wow manner must have had a good deal to do with the effect produced.”
    Virginia Woolf (1882–1941)

    Every political system is an accumulation of habits, customs, prejudices, and principles that have survived a long process of trial and error and of ceaseless response to changing circumstances. If the system works well on the whole, it is a lucky accident—the luckiest, indeed, that can befall a society.
    Edward C. Banfield (b. 1916)