Transnational may mean:

  • International
  • Multinational
  • Transnational company - see multinational company and international corporation
  • Transnational crime
  • Transnational feminism
  • Transnational governance
  • Transnationality
  • Transnational marriage
  • Transnational organization
  • Transnational organized crime
  • Transnational political party
  • Transnational progressivism

Other articles related to "transnational":

Transnational Marriage - Modern Attitudes
... Today, there is a mixed reaction to transnational marriage in some areas, especially as it continues to spread ... Others are suspicious of transnational marriages, as they think the non-citizen spouse may use their marriage only to obtain legal status in the host country ... There are many legal barriers and hurdles to cross in transnational marriage, as well as being allowed to remain living together in the same country ...
Transnational Marriage - Historical Attitudes
... which give some insight into the views on transnational marriage in antiquity ... There are several instances of transnational marriages in the Bible, such as Joseph being given Egyptian wives by Pharaoh, Rahab of Jericho marrying one of the Israelite spies she hid, Ruth the Moabite ... However, the difference in reaction to the transnational marriages is how the newcomers responded to the Abrahamic God ...
Transnational Feminist Network
... A transnational feminist network (TFN) is a network of women’s groups who work together for women’s rights at both a national and transnational level ...
Pakistanis In Denmark - Migration History
... continued to grow, largely through family reunification and transnational marriages ... The spouses in these transnational marriages came largely from Pakistan, but roughly 3,000 were drawn from among the community of British Pakistanis as well ... laws introduced in the early 2000 which require that both parties to transnational marriages be at least 24 years of age, that they must live in their own accommodation of at ...
One Debate: Should National Laws Discourage or Encourage Transnational Marriage?
... Currently, it can be legally difficult to have a transnational marriage ... As a result of increasing transnational marriage, policy makers in various countries are starting to consider whether they should discourage or encourage transnational ... The grounds given for discouraging transnational marriage are that False marriages occur to gain citizenship or conduct human trafficking ...