Transformers: Scramble City

Transformers: Scramble City is an episode of The Transformers released as an OVA (Original Video Animation) in Japan in April 1986. It was created as a promotional video for the new line of 'Scramble City' toys released only in Japan. Despite strong belief (such as that voiced on the 20th Anniversary DVD bonus commentary for the episode), it was not meant to introduce Japanese audiences to the new characters from The Transformers: The Movie (considering Ultra Magnus and Ratbat are the only ones from the film that appear in it). It actually takes place years before TF: TM during the early stages of construction on Autobot City.

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Transformers: Scramble City - Notes
... Scramble City is part of the Japanese continuity, but not the American ... Scramble City Toys is not part of either, and is simply a toy advert ... For Scramble City the first seven minutes or so of the episode consists of recycled animation sequences from the G1 episodes "More than Meets the Eye" (the three ...

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