Trafficking may refer to:

  • Ad trafficking, the process of supplying campaign creative materials and tracking links to publishers through an ad serving platform
  • Arms trafficking, the smuggling of contraband weapons or ammunition
  • Human trafficking, the tricking or luring of people away from their homeland to work under exploitative conditions elsewhere
  • Drug trafficking, the cultivation, manufacture, distribution and sale of illegal drugs
  • Protein trafficking, the mechanism by which a cell transports proteins to appropriate positions

Other articles related to "trafficking":

Laura María Agustín
... studies undocumented migration, informal labor markets, trafficking and the sex industry ... Naked Anthropologist, she is critical of the conflation of the terms "human trafficking" with "prostitution", arguing that the Rescue industry often ascribes victim status to ... In this book she argued that contemporary anti-trafficking 'crusades' have the effect of restricting international freedom of movement, and she compared today's anti-traffic ...
Salvatore Miceli - Arrest
... be a major blow to the Sicilian Mafia and their trans-Atlantic drug trafficking operations ... He was convicted for drug trafficking and Mafia conspiracy in 2001 ... Since then he again has been charged for cocaine trafficking between Colombia, Sicily and Calabria ...
Laura Lederer - Career Summary - Current Career
... Currently Laura Lederer is affiliated with the anti-trafficking NGOs Global Centurion and Triple S Network ... Mohamad Mattar) a course entitled, "International Trafficking in Persons," a JD/LLM class that covers U.S federal and state law on human trafficking foreign national anti-trafficking law and international ... course also examines the global scope of the trafficking problem including trafficking routes and patterns the similarities and differences between sex and ...
Laura Lederer
... Lederer (born 1951) is a pioneer in the work to stop human trafficking ... She is a legal scholar and former Senior Advisor on Trafficking in Persons in the Office for Democracy and Global Affairs of the United States Department of State ... She has also been an activist against human trafficking, prostitution, pornography, and hate speech ...