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  • Geo/Chevrolet Tracker, a compact SUV produced from 1990 until the end of the 2004 model year
  • Radar tracker, a system used by civil and military users for associating discrete radar plots with individual targets, and forming estimates of those targets' locations, headings and speeds
  • S-2 Tracker, a carrier based ASW aircraft manufactured by Grumman
  • Solar tracker, a device used in some solar energy applications for orienting a solar photovoltaic panel or a concentrating solar reflector toward the sun
  • TRACKER, a tracking system designed for the recovery of stolen vehicles, operated by TRACKER Network UK Limited
  • Tracker (company), a Finnish company specialising in tracking and telemetry devices
  • Tracker action, in music, a form of mechanics used in certain pipe organs
  • Tracker signature analysis, also known as analog signature analysis

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Famous quotes containing the word technology:

    Primitive peoples tried to annul death by portraying the human body—we do it by finding substitutes for the human body. Technology instead of mysticism!
    Max Frisch (1911–1991)

    Radio put technology into storytelling and made it sick. TV killed it. Then you were locked into somebody else’s sighting of that story. You no longer had the benefit of making that picture for yourself, using your imagination. Storytelling brings back that humanness that we have lost with TV. You talk to children and they don’t hear you. They are television addicts. Mamas bring them home from the hospital and drag them up in front of the set and the great stare-out begins.
    Jackie Torrence (b. 1944)

    The real accomplishment of modern science and technology consists in taking ordinary men, informing them narrowly and deeply and then, through appropriate organization, arranging to have their knowledge combined with that of other specialized but equally ordinary men. This dispenses with the need for genius. The resulting performance, though less inspiring, is far more predictable.
    John Kenneth Galbraith (b. 1908)