Total Revenue

Total revenue is the total receipts of a firm from the sale of any given quantity of a product.

It can be calculated as the selling price of the firm's product times the quantity sold, i.e. total revenue = price × quantity, or letting TR be the total revenue function:

where Q is the quantity of output sold, and P(Q) is the inverse demand function (the demand function solved out for price in terms of quantity demanded).

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... demand function is useful in deriving the total and marginal revenue functions ... Total revenue equals price, P, times quantity, Q, or TR = P×Q ... the inverse demand function by Q to derive the total revenue function TR = (120 -.5Q) × Q = 120Q - 0.5Q² ...
Total Revenue Test
... In economics, the Total Revenue Test is a means for determining whether demand is elastic or inelastic ... If an increase in price causes an increase in total revenue, then demand can be said to be inelastic, since the increase in price does not have a large impact on quantity demanded ... If an increase in price causes a decrease in total revenue, then demand can be said to be elastic, since the increase in price has a large impact on ...
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