Torque Multiplication

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... The Dynaflow initially used a five-element torque converter, with two turbines and two stators, as well as a planetary gearset that provided two forward speeds plus reverse ... started in high gear (direct drive), relying on the converter's 2.11 torque multiplication to accelerate the vehicle ... was an inherently inefficient design due to its sole reliance on the torque converter in normal driving ...
Torque Converter - Function - Efficiency and Torque Multiplication
... A torque converter cannot achieve 100 percent coupling efficiency ... The classic three element torque converter has an efficiency curve that resembles ∩ zero efficiency at stall, generally increasing efficiency during the acceleration phase and ... geometry is a crucial factor in the converter's ability to multiply torque, trade-offs between torque multiplication and coupling efficiency are inevitable ...
Torque Converter - Function - Operational Phases
... A torque converter has three stages of operation Stall ... At stall, the torque converter can produce maximum torque multiplication if sufficient input power is applied (the resulting multiplication is called the stall ratio) ... Under this condition, the converter will produce torque multiplication that is less than what could be achieved under stall conditions ...

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    Poetry uses the hub of a torque converter for a jello mold.
    Diane Glancy (b. 1941)