Torque Converters

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Rolls-Royce Limited - History - Torque Converters
... The railcar engines were often used with Twin Disc torque converters which were built by Rolls-Royce under licence from Twin Disc of the USA ... friction clutches) and does not describe the construction of the torque converter ...
1948 Tucker Sedan - Continued Development - Transmission
... With the 589 and its torque converters (and no reverse) out, Tucker now needed a transmission to mate with the Franklin O-335 ... The Cord 810/812 could not handle the power and torque of the O-335 engine, shearing off the teeth from first gear if the engine was gunned off the line ... was designed, which was strong enough to handle the Franklin O-335's power and torque ...

Famous quotes containing the word torque:

    Poetry uses the hub of a torque converter for a jello mold.
    Diane Glancy (b. 1941)