Topo or TOPO may refer to:

  • Topo (Azores), a civil parish in the municipality of Calheta, in the Portuguese archipelago of the Azores
  • Topo (climbing), in climbing, a guide for a crag or climbing area
  • Topo (robot), a robot aimed at the consumer and educational market, and produced during the 1980s by Androbot
  • Topography or topographic map
  • Trioctylphosphine oxide, abbreviated as TOPO
  • Los Topos, a 1970s Californian theatre group named after the Spanish for mole (Topo), one of whose members was also known as Topo
  • Topo (DC Comics), a fictional character in Aquaman series
  • TOPO Cloning, in genetics
  • TopoTarget, "TOPO" being this company's trading symbol on the Copenhagen Stock Exchange
  • Topos de Tlatelolco an earthquake and natural disaster search and rescue squad from Mexico
  • Topo Gigio, a popular Italian puppet character, made famous by appearances on "The Ed Sullivan Show"

El Topo might refer to:

  • El Topo, 1970 Mexican film.
  • El Topo (Puerto Rican singer/songwriter), stage name for Antonio Caban Vale.

Other articles related to "topo, topos":

Camptothecin - SAR – Structure-activity Relationship - A- and B-ring Modification - Alkyl Substitution
... These groups are able to react with the DNA in the presence of topo I which leads to more tumor activity ... They are potent inihibitors on topo I and both have alkylsilyl groups in position 7 which make them lipophilic and more stable ... For example is a derivate called CKD-602, which is a potent topo I inhibitor and successfully overcomes the poor water solubility and toxicity seen with CPT ...
The Magic World Of Topo Gigio
... The Magic World of Topo Gigio (Italian Le avventure di topo Gigio)) is a 1965 Italian animated family film directed by Federico Caldura ... known as The Italian Mouse and The Magic World of Topo Gigio ... It was the first full-length feature film of the Topo Gigio Italian children's television series ...
Topoľčany Pogrom
... Topoľčany pogrom was an anti-Jewish riot (pogrom) in Topoľčany, Czechoslovakia on 24 September 1945 during which 48 people were injured ...
Topo (climbing)
... Topo in climbing is a term which refers to the graphical representation (sketch drawing or a photograph with routes depicted) of a climbing route ... of a crag or climbing area in which most routes are described graphically by such topos ... Individual topo gives the approximate shape of the route, the important rock formations close to the route and details of the grade and protection of each section of ...