Tolosa may refer to:


  • Tolosa, the Latin, Italian and Occitan name for Toulouse, France
  • Tolosa, the Visigothic Kingdom of Tolosa, including much of present day southwestern France,(418-507 A.D.)
  • Tolosa, Leyte, a municipality in the Philippines
  • Tolosa, Spain, a town and municipality
  • 138 Tolosa, an asteroid


  • Ambesse Tolosa (born 1977), Ethiopian long-distance runner who specializes in the marathon
  • Juan Carlos Tolosa (born 1966), Argentinian composer, pianist and conductor
  • Eugenio Tolosa, 19th century brigadier-general in the Mexican army
  • Juan de Tolosa (fl. 16th century), Spanish Basque conquistador
  • Peire Guillem de Tolosa, 13th century troubadour from Toulouse
  • Peire Raimon de Tolosa (fl. 1180–1220), troubadour from Toulouse
  • Joyos de Tolosa (probably 13th century), troubadour from Toulouse


  • SS Tolosa a number of ships with this name

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History Of Toulouse - Before 118 BC: Pre-Roman Times
... The name of the city was Tolosa ... They settled in Tolosa and interbred with the local people ... By 200 BC Tolosa is attested to be the capital of the Volcae Tectosages (coins found), which C ...
Jacob Gaón
... Jacob Gaón was a Jewish Basque tax collector, (born in Vitoria, died in Tolosa, 1463) ... to the province of Guipúzcoa and reclaimed a tax called pedido to the inhabitants of the villa of Tolosa ... his head off and hung it up on the top of a pillory, as a punishment for having put Tolosa up on the top of his tax collection list ...
Tolosa, Leyte - Barangays
... Tolosa is politically subdivided into 15 barangays ... Burak Canmogsay Cantariwis Capangihan Doña Brigida Imelda Malbog Olot Opong Poblacion Quilao San Roque San Vicente Tanghas Telegrafo ...
Ambesse Tolosa
... Ambesse Tolosa (born 28 August 1977 in Shewa) is an Ethiopian long-distance runner, who specializes in the marathon race ... Tolosa tested positive for banned substances in February 2008 and received a two-year ban from competitive athletics ... (morphine) was not a performance-enhancing drug and Tolosa said that he did not know how it had got into his body, but the IAAF rules stated that athletes received bans regardless of intent ...
Gallic Invasion Of The Balkans - Invasions of Greece - Attack On Delphi - Cursed Gold of Delphi
... been the cursed gold looted during the sack of Delphi and brought back to Tolosa (modern Toulouse, France) by the Tectosages, who were said to have been part of the invading army ... Servilius Caepio plundered the sanctuaries of the town of Tolosa, whose inhabitants had joined the Cimbri, finding over 50,000 15 lb ... The riches of Tolosa were shipped back to Rome, but only the silver made it the gold was stolen by a band of marauders, who were believed to have been hired by Caepio himself and to have killed ...