Time Sharing

  • (noun): (computer science) the use of a central computer by many users simultaneously.

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IBM System/360 - Technical Description - Operating System Software
... MVT took a long time to develop into a usable system, and the less ambitious MFT was widely used ... When it announced the S/360-67 in August 1965, IBM also announced TSS/360 (Time-Sharing System) for delivery at the same time as the 67 ... It was replaced by CP-67, MTS (Michigan Terminal System), TSO (Time Sharing Option for OS/360), or one of several other time-sharing systems ...
Time Sharing Operating System
... Time Sharing Operating System, or TSOS, was an operating system for RCA mainframe computers of the Spectra 70 series ... As the name suggests, it provided time sharing features ... that it provided a unique user interface for both time sharing and batch which was a big advantage over IBM's OS/360 or their successors MVS, OS/390 and z/OS ...
History Of IBM Mainframe Operating Systems - Technical Notes - Time-sharing
... Time-sharing (or timesharing) is based on the idea that computers are much faster than humans, so while one human user is reading what a computer has just displayed on a screen ... Large time-sharing systems can have hundreds or even thousands of simultaneous users, and the memory required by their programs and data generally adds up to much more than the physical memory attached ... Time-sharing systems solve this problem by various combinations of virtual memory, described below ...
History Of Operating Systems - The Mainframe - Other Mainframe Operating Systems
... for batch processing and later developed the MACE operating system for time sharing, which was the basis for the later Kronos ... commercial timesharing systems, its interface was an extension of the DTSS time sharing system, one of the pioneering efforts in timesharing and programming ... Illinois developed the PLATO system, which used plasma panel displays and long-distance time sharing networks ...
TSS/360 - Criticism
... In February 1968, at the time of SHARE 30, there were eighteen S/360-67 sites attempting to run TSS ... IBM announced via "blue letter" that TSS/360 was being decommitted — a great blow to the time-sharing community ... TSS/360 continued to be quietly available for a time to existing TSS/360 customers, as an interim measure ...

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