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List of Channel Access Methods - Circuit Mode and Channelization Methods
... are common circuit mode and channelization channel access methods Frequency division multiple access (FDMA), based on frequency-division multiplex (FDM ... Time-division multiple access (TDMA), based on time-division multiplex (TDM) Multi-Frequency Time Division Multiple Access (MF-TDMA) Code division multiple access (CD ... multiple access (OFHMA) Multi-carrier code division multiple access (MC-CDMA) Space division multiple access (SDMA) ...
Duplex (telecommunications) - Emulation of Full-duplex Over A Single Communications Link - Time-division Duplexing
... Time-division duplexing (TDD) is the application of time-division multiplexing to separate outward and return signals ... Time-division duplexing has a strong advantage in the case where there is asymmetry of the uplink and downlink data rates ... Examples of time-division duplexing systems are UMTS 3G supplementary air interfaces TD-CDMA for indoor mobile telecommunications ...
Channel Access Method - Fundamental Types of Channel Access Schemes - Time Division Multiple Access (TDMA)
... The time division multiple access (TDMA) channel access scheme is based on the time division multiplex (TDM) scheme, which provides different time-slots to ... For example, node 1 may use time slot 1, node 2 time slot 2, etc ... is Dynamic TDMA (DTDMA), where a scheduling may give different timesometimes but some times node 1 may use time slot 1 in first frame and use another time slot in next frame ...
Time Division Multiple Access
... Time division multiple access (TDMA) is a channel access method for shared medium networks ... same frequency channel by dividing the signal into different time slots ... The users transmit in rapid succession, one after the other, each using its own time slot ...
Nonblocking Minimal Spanning Switch - Modern Switches
... layers further reduces the cost of the switching fabric space-division multiplexers are something like the crossbar switches already described, or some arrangement of. 8000 times per second, the connection is reprogrammed to connect particular wires for the duration of a time slot ... Design advantage In space-division systems the number of space-division connections is divided by the number of time slots in the time-division multiplexing system ...

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    If the technology cannot shoulder the entire burden of strategic change, it nevertheless can set into motion a series of dynamics that present an important challenge to imperative control and the industrial division of labor. The more blurred the distinction between what workers know and what managers know, the more fragile and pointless any traditional relationships of domination and subordination between them will become.
    Shoshana Zuboff (b. 1951)

    What a devil hast thou to do with the time of the day? Unless hours were cups of sack, and minutes capons, and clocks the
    tongues of bawds, and dials the signs of leaping-houses, and the blessed sun himself a fair hot wench in flame-colored
    taffeta, I see no reason why thou shouldst be so superfluous
    to demand the time of the day.
    William Shakespeare (1564–1616)