Tilt - Film, Television and Photography

Film, Television and Photography

  • Tilt (1979 film), a 1979 American film
  • Tilt (2011 film), a 2011 Bulgarian film
  • Tilt (TV series)
  • Tilt (Gladiators)
  • Tilt (cinematography)
  • Tilt (view camera)

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Famous quotes containing the words photography and/or television:

    If photography is allowed to stand in for art in some of its functions it will soon supplant or corrupt it completely thanks to the natural support it will find in the stupidity of the multitude. It must return to its real task, which is to be the servant of the sciences and the arts, but the very humble servant, like printing and shorthand which have neither created nor supplanted literature.
    Charles Baudelaire (1821–1867)

    So why do people keep on watching? The answer, by now, should be perfectly obvious: we love television because television brings us a world in which television does not exist. In fact, deep in their hearts, this is what the spuds crave most: a rich, new, participatory life.
    Barbara Ehrenreich (b. 1941)