• (adj): Three times as great or many.
    Example: "A threefold increase"
    Synonyms: treble, triple
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Threefold Death
... The threefold death, which is suffered by kings, heroes, and gods, is a putatively Proto-Indo-European theme – although it is attested in medieval accounts of ... Some proponents of the trifunctional hypothesis distinguish two types of threefold deaths in Indo-European myth and ritual ... In the first type of threefold death, one person dies simultaneously in three ways ...
Threefold Office
... The threefold office (Latin munus triplex) of Jesus Christ is a Christian doctrine based upon the teachings of the Old Testament, of which Christians hold different ... "anointed one", is associated with the concept of the threefold office ...
Threefold Model - Criticism
... Followers of the threefold model sometimes claim it has having quelled the debate about 'which roleplaying style is best' by pointing out that different people want different things out of games, and that some styles ... Some believe that the threefold should be extended to a fourth goal/vertex, usually Socialising ... Many feel that the effort spent arguing the merits of the Threefold Model could be better spent discussing more productive aspects of roleplaying ...
Segre Embedding - Examples - Segre Threefold
... The map is known as the Segre threefold ... The intersection of the Segre threefold and a three-plane is a twisted cubic curve ...
Tiantai - Teachings - The Threefold Truth
... The Tiantai school took up the principle of The Threefold Truth, derived from Nāgārjuna Phenomena are empty of self-nature, Phenomena exist provisionally from a worldly ... The Threefold Truth has its basis in Nāgārjuna All things arise through causes and conditions ...

More definitions of "threefold":

  • (adv): By a factor of three.
    Example: "Our rent increased threefold in the past five years"
    Synonyms: three times