The Scarred - History - 2007 – 2008

2007 – 2008

At the end of the tour, The Scarred released cover artwork from their forthcoming record, only to cancel recording sessions after 6 songs due to fatigue and lack of funds from the label. They played only a few shows during the remainder of Isha's pregnancy, including one with Cheap Sex's drummer Gabe at the Allen Theatre. Their baby was born on March 21, 2007, and The Scarred announced via Myspace that they would be returning to work soon, starting with the third annual Clampdown Tour in June and July 2007, which would feature Brad Jamison of Vengeance 77 on the drums while Isha was still recovering. However, despite fans eagerly expecting their arrival, an accident forced The Scarred to drop off the tour the day before their departure, as Vocals/Guitar player Justin Willits broke his leg at the last practice. After several months of healing, The Scarred recruited Ben 9000 on drums, announced a fall 2007 tour, and posted several Studio Updates on As fate would have it, the tour proved disastrous. Not only did several winter storms force cancellations of many of the tour's shows, but the band quickly ran out of money. After breaking down 4 weeks into a 7 week tour, the band was forced to return home. Isha returned to the drums in 2008 and the original lineup seemed poised to make a comeback and finish their delayed third album, the band learned that PunkCore records had gone inactive, leaving their album unfinished. Complicating things further, bass player Matt "Monkey" Hatcher relocated to Ferndale, Washington as the band released a limited 4-song digital EP, titled "Panic!" featuring three songs from what would have been their sophomore punkcore album, and one song with drummer Ben 9000 of Rezurex. Recruiting studio assistant Patrick Clancy (of Half past 2 and Longway) to finish out the year, The band was on hiatus with no bass player, and rumored to have broken up. At the end of the year, two songs from the Panic! EP were released as a split CD-EP with Chinese punk outfit Noname in China, and a limited 7" in Germany.

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