Temporary may refer to:

  • Temporary variable
  • Temporary file
  • Temporary folder
  • Temporary filesystem
Other uses
  • Temporary work, a common working arrangement
  • Temporary rank

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List Of Enclaves And Exclaves - Historic Enclaves/exclaves - Temporary Enclaves
... Sometimes land is ceded temporarily to another country as a form of legal fiction ... United States Air Force base in the Netherlands, was, in 2000, temporarily declared sovereign territory of the United Kingdom, in order to allow the Pan Am Flight 103 bombing trial ... In 1943, the maternity ward at the Ottawa Civic Hospital in Canada was temporarily extraterritorial so that Princess Juliana's daughter Princess Margriet would only have Dutch (by ...
Mei Li Vos - Political Career 2006 - Present
... Vos is spokesperson on freelancer-, temporarily employed and consumer affairs ... As an MP she wants to give free lancers and the temporarily employed a voice in parliament and share the risks of a dynamic labour market more equally between free lancers, part time employed and temporarily ...
Revenue Act Of 1951
... The United States Revenue Act of 1951 temporarily increased individual income tax rates through 1953, and temporarily raised corporate tax rates 5 percentage points ... taxes on alcohol, tobacco, gasoline, and automobiles were also temporarily increased through March 31, 1954 ...
Cro-Mag Rally - Powerups
... Bone Bomb The Bone Bomb is an explosive which temporarily stops any enemy car that is hit by it ... Bottle Rocket The Bottle Rocket is a weapon which explodes and stops the opponent temporarily ... Bomb The Freeze Bomb causes anyone hit by the explosion to freeze temporarily ...

Famous quotes containing the word temporarily:

    However, the danger in [socially unbalanced relationships] is that the subjection of the woman temporarily calms the man’s jealousy but also renders it more demanding. He ends up making his mistress live like those prisoners on whom light is shone day and night in order for them to be better watched. And things always end in tragedy.
    Marcel Proust (1871–1922)

    The personal touch between the people and the man to whom they temporarily delegated power of course conduces to a better understanding between them. Moreover, I ought not to omit to mention as a useful result of my journeying that I am to visit a great many expositions and fairs, and that the curiosity to see the President will certainly increase the box receipts and tend to rescue many commendable enterprises from financial disaster.
    William Howard Taft (1857–1930)

    ... it is a rather curious thing to have to divide one’s life into personal and official compartments and temporarily put the personal side into its hidden compartment to be taken out again when one’s official duties are at an end.
    Eleanor Roosevelt (1884–1962)