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Mega Man Battle Network 5 - Story - Characters
... character fills a certain role on the team, but the motivations and in-game abilities of each character are sometimes quite different ... In both games, the liberation team is led by an experienced official Netbattler, with a Navi with a sword for an arm ... In Team ProtoMan, the team is led by Electopian official Netbattler Chaud, Lan's recurring rival and operator of the swordsman Navi ProtoMan.EXE ...
Chaud - Other Characters - Non-recurring
... In the games, she is a member of Team ProtoMan, while in the anime, she is the founder of the NetCrime organization, Neo WWW who is very sensitive about her age, frequently seen with Charlie ... In the games, he joins Team ProtoMan after showing that GyroMan's flying ability proves valuable as an asset ... In the games, she joined Team ProtoMan while searching for a cure for her grandfather's illness ...

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