Symphony in E Flat (Tchaikovsky) - Form


The Bogatyrev reconstruction follows the traditional four-movement pattern:

  1. Allegro brillante
    This movement was used for the Third Piano Concerto, Op. posth. 75.
  2. Andante
    Bogatyryev used the Andante from the Andante and Finale for Piano and Orchestra, Op. posth. 79, which had been constructed from Tchaikovsky's sketches by Sergei Taneyev. More recently, it was reused as the slow movement of a projected Cello Concerto.
  3. Scherzo: Vivace assai
    Perceiving that Tchaikovsky would have written a scherzo for this symphony, Bogatyryev orchestrated this piece from Tchaikovsky's Scherzo-Fantasie, Op. 72, No. 10.
  4. Finale: Allegro maestoso
    Bogatyryev used the Finale from the Andante and Finale.

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