Sumba–Flores Languages

The Sumba–Flores languages, approximately synonymous with Bima–Sumba, are a proposed group of Austronesian languages (geographically Central–Eastern Malayo-Polynesian languages) spoken on and around the islands of Sumbawa (eastern), Sumba, and Flores in the Lesser Sundas. The main languages are Bima and Manggarai, which have half a million speakers apiece on the eastern half of Sumbawa Island and the western third of Flores, respectively, and Kambera, with a quarter million speakers on the eastern half of Sumba Island.

The Hawu language of Savu Island is suspected of having a non-Austronesian substratum, but perhaps not to any greater extent than the languages of central and eastern Flores, such as Sika, or indeed of Central Malayo-Polynesian languages in general.

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Sumba–Flores Languages - Classification
... Bima Sumba languages (see) Ende–Manggarai (western–central Flores) Manggarai–Komodo, Riung Central Flores Ende–Lio (a dialect cluster of Ende, Palu'e, Li'o, Nage, Ke'o) Ngad'a–So'a (dialect ... That is, for Sumba–Flores excluding Flores–Lembata ... analysis of the Austronesian Basic Vocabulary Database, on the other hand, found full support for Sumba–Flores as a whole and for each of the four branches listed here ...

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