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Elizabeth Cady Stanton - Death, Burial, and Remembrance
... led many suffragists to focus on Anthony, rather than Stanton, as the founder of the women's suffrage movement ... cemented Anthony's place as the more readily recognized leader of the female suffrage movement ... and became more familiar to many of the younger members of the movement ...
Elizabeth Freeman (suffragist) - Biography
... The woman brought her into the suffrage movement ... In the movement, she learned to fight for the cause, speak publicly and bring new members to the movement ... back to the US, where she got employed as as organizer by the suffrage movement ...
Teresa Billington-Greig - Life
... She was sent to London with Annie Kenney to foster the movement there and to create a London-based organisation, which eventually became the headquarters of the Union ... was a member of the Six Point Group while writing her account of the Suffrage Movement ... She had a keen interest in the history of the suffrage movement, as well as her writings on the subject she compiled many biographies ...
Willie Dee Bowles
... Her 1939 thesis, The History of the Woman Suffrage Movement in Texas, was one of the first attempts to catalogue the history of the women's suffrage movement in the ... Bowles' thesis, The History of the Woman Suffrage Movement in Texas, was the first historical study of its topic, and one of the first histories of the women's suffrage movement in the United States ...

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    An illustrious individual remarks that Mrs. [Elizabeth Cady] Stanton is the salt, Anna Dickinson the pepper, and Miss [Susan B.] Anthony the vinegar of the Female Suffrage movement. The very elements get the “white male” into a nice pickle.
    Anonymous, U.S. women’s magazine contributor. The Revolution (August 19, 1869)

    You watched and you saw what happened and in the accumulation of episodes you saw the pattern: Daddy ruled the roost, called the shots, made the money, made the decisions, so you signed up on his side, and fifteen years later when the women’s movement came along with its incendiary manifestos telling you to avoid marriage and motherhood, it was as if somebody put a match to a pile of dry kindling.
    Anne Taylor Fleming (20th century)

    ... woman does not see what people of intellect perceived fifty years ago: that suffrage is an evil, that it has only helped to enslave people, that it has but closed their eyes that they may not see how craftily they were made to submit.
    Emma Goldman (1869–1940)