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Sucker Flat, California
121°17′50″W / 39.21194°N 121.29722°W / 39.21194 -121.29722 Sucker Flat — Unincorporated community — Sucker Flat Coordinates 39°12′43″N 121°17′50″W / 39.21194°N 121 ... Sucker is from the nickname of Illinois as the "Sucker State" ...
Sweet Dreams, Sucker - Track Listing
... Here Goes Nothing Waking Up the Dead Quits Rollerskates Elvis Lives I'll Come Back Hello Nurse State Tollway New Improved Tired All the Time Why Am I Still Broke? Sweet Dreams, Sucker. ...
Sucker Punch (disambiguation) - Music
... Sucker Punch (album), a 2001 album by Haji's Kitchen Sucker Punch (soundtrack), soundtrack album for the 2011 film "Suckerpunch" (song), a 1994 song by The ...
Sucker - Entertainment
... Suckers (cartoon), a cartoon by BRB Internacional Suckers (film), a 1999 film revolving around illegal and unethical events at a car dealership Sucker (film), a 2011 horror film produced by ...
List Of Freshwater Fishes Of Washington - Cypriniformes - Family Catostomidae
... Longnose sucker, Catostomus catostomus Salish sucker, Catostomus sp ... Bridgelip sucker, Catostomus columbianus Largescale sucker, Catostomus macrocheilus Mountain sucker, Catostomus platyrhynchus ...

Famous quotes containing the word sucker:

    That’s a sucker game, Doc. There’s probably fifty fellows around town just waitin’ to see you get liquored up, so they can fill ya full of holes. Build themselves up a great reputation—the man that killed Doc Holliday.
    Samuel G. Engel (1904–1984)

    As artists they’re rot, but as providers they’re oil wells; they gush. Norris said she never wrote a story unless it was fun to do. I understand Ferber whistles at her typewriter. And there was that poor sucker Flaubert rolling around on his floor for three days looking for the right word.
    Dorothy Parker (1893–1967)

    There’s a sucker born every minute.
    Phineas Barnum (1810–1891)