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Timeline Of The 1992 Atlantic Hurricane Season
... started on June 1, 1992 and finished on November 30 however, Subtropical Storm One formed outside the official timeline on April 21 ... Subtropical Storm One was the first recorded subtropical cyclone to form in April since the recording of subtropical cyclones began in 1968 ... This timeline documents all the storm formations, strengthening, weakening, landfalls, extratropical transitions, as well as dissipations during the season ...
Subtropical Storm Nicole (2004)
... Subtropical Storm Nicole was the first subtropical storm to receive a name using the standard hurricane name list that did not become a tropical cyclone ... The fourteenth tropical or subtropical storm of the 2004 Atlantic hurricane season, Nicole developed on October 10 near Bermuda from the interaction of an upper level trough and a ... The storm turned to the northeast, and after attempting to transition into a tropical cyclone, it dissipated as it was absorbed into a larger extratropical storm ...
Tropical Storm Gilda (1973) - Preparations, Impact, and Records
... Tropical Storm Gilda first affected Jamaica, bringing heavy rainfall in a three-day period ... The storm did not have significant impact in Cuba ... coast of Cuba, recorded 6.13 inches (155 mm) of rainfall in the 6 hour period prior to the storm passing the area ...
List Of Storms In The 2007 Atlantic Hurricane Season - Storms - Subtropical Storm Andrea
... Subtropical storm (SSHS) Duration May 9 – May 11 Peak intensity 95 km/h (60 mph) 1001 hPa (mbar) A large extratropical cyclone that formed off the mid-Atlantic coast on May 6 ... Decreasing vertical wind shear allowed the storm to generate deeper convection much closer to the center. 9 the previously extratropical cyclone had transformed into Subtropical Storm Andrea while located about 140 miles (225 km) southeast of Savannah, Georgia ...
Timeline Of The 1972 Atlantic Hurricane Season - Timeline of Storms - November
... ADT (1800 UTC) – A subtropical depression forms in the central North Atlantic ... ADT (0000 UTC November 2) – The subtropical depression strengthens into a subtropical storm and is named Delta ... ADT (1200 UTC) - Subtropical Storm Delta reaches its peak strength of 45 mph (75 km/h) ...

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