• (adj): Making lively and cheerful.
    Synonyms: exhilarating
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... number Gene Ontology Molecular function • macrophage colony-stimulating factor receptor activity • protein binding • ATP binding • enzyme binding ...
Chronic Electrode Implants - Clinical Applications and Direction - Direction For Development of Chronic BCI
... Chronic brain-computer interfaces come in two varieties, stimulating and recording ... Applications for stimulating interfaces include sensory prosthetics (cochlear implants, for example, are the most successful variety of sensory ... tissue response that causes failure in implanted electrodes, but stimulating interfaces can overcome this problem by increasing signal strength ...
Sensory Integration Therapy - Vestibular System
... The therapist will observe the child carefully to be sure the movement is not over stimulating ... Back and forth movement is typically less stimulating than side-to-side movement ... The most stimulating movement tends to be rotational (spinning) and should be used carefully by the therapist ...
Macrophage Colony-stimulating Factor
... Macrophage colony-stimulating factor, or M-CSF, is a secreted cytokine which influences hematopoietic stem cells to differentiate into macrophages or other related cell types ... (See colony-stimulating factor.) M-CSF binds to the Colony stimulating factor 1 receptor ...
Environmental Enrichment (neural)
... Brains in richer, more-stimulating environments, have increased numbers of synapses, and the dendrite arbors upon which they reside are more complex ... Research on nonhuman animals finds that more-stimulating environments could aid the treatment and recovery of a diverse variety of brain-related dysfunctions, including Alzheimer's ... levels of education (which is both cognitively stimulating in itself, and associates with people engaging in more challenging cognitive activities ...

More definitions of "stimulating":

  • (adj): Rousing or quickening activity or the senses.
    Example: "A stimulating discussion"

Famous quotes containing the word stimulating:

    We cannot feel strongly toward the totally unlike because it is unimaginable, unrealizable; nor yet toward the wholly like because it is stale—identity must always be dull company. The power of other natures over us lies in a stimulating difference which causes excitement and opens communication, in ideas similar to our own but not identical, in states of mind attainable but not actual.
    Charles Horton Cooley (1864–1929)

    An imaginative book renders us much more service at first, by stimulating us through its tropes, than afterward, when we arrive at the precise sense of the author. I think nothing is of any value in books, excepting the transcendental and extraordinary.
    Ralph Waldo Emerson (1803–1882)

    The study of error is not only in the highest degree prophylactic, but it serves as a stimulating introduction to the study of truth.
    Walter Lippmann (1889–1974)