Standard Issue

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Scope - Uses - Military
... such as the Austrian Steyr AUG and the British SUSAT mounted on the SA80, became standard issue, military use of telescopic sights was restricted to snipers because of ... many other armed forces have adopted optical devices for general issue to infantry units and the rate of adoption has increased as the cost of ... increase hit probability (especially in dim light) and extend effective range of standard issue infantry rifles ...
Equipment Of The Indian Army - Infantry Weapons - Small Arms
... AUTO 9 mm 1A Semi-automatic pistol 9mm Parabellum Canada India Standard issue side-arm of the Indian Army. 17 Semi-automatic pistol 9×19mm Parabellum Austria Standard issue Special Forces pistol. 1B1 INSAS Assault rifle 5.56mm NATO India Standard issue weapon of the Indian Army ...
Nepalese Army - Equipment - Small Arms
... Number Origins Details Colt's Manufacturing Company M16 rifle 10,000 USA Will be standard issue assault rifle replacing INSAS SLR ... Ishapore Arsenal India L1A1 Self-Loading Rifle 60,000 India Once the standard issue assault rifle, some of which are transferred to Armed Police Force some to special units of Nepal ... The M16A2 later became the standard issue ...
Royal Cambodian Army - Equipment - Infantry Weapons
... Origin Small Arms Type Remark Soviet Union Tokarev TT-33 Semi-automatic pistol Standard issue China Type 54 Pistol Standard issue China QSZ-92 Pistol Standard issue Soviet Union Makarov PMM ... Soviet Union AKM Assault Rifle Standard issue Soviet Union AKMS Assault Rifle Standard issue China Type 56 Assault Rifle Standard issue China Type 56-1 Assault Rifle Standard issue China Type ... China QBZ-97A Bullpup Assault Rifle Standard issue Used by 911 Para-Commando Special Forces ...
Police Tactical Unit (Hong Kong) - Firearms
... Smith Wesson Model 10- Standard issue sidearm, 6 shot.38 revolver ... Remington 870- Standard issue shotgun, loaded with less-than-lethal 12 Gauge bean-bag rounds ... Federal Model 201-Z Riot Gun - Standard issue anti-riot gun, loaded with less-than-lethal CS rounds ...

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