Spotting may refer to:


  • Aircraft spotting
  • Bus spotting
  • Car spotting
  • Train spotting
  • Spots (cannabis), a method of smoking cannabis

Physical activities:

  • Spotting (climbing)
  • Spotting (gymnastics), assistance provided by a coach during a gymnastics move
  • Spotting (dance technique), a technique used by dancers to maintain control while executing turns
  • Spotting (weight training)


  • Artillery spotting or bombardment spotting, observing the result of artillery or shell fire and providing corrective targeting data to the firer
  • Spotting (photography)
  • Car spotting (disambiguation)
  • Metrorrhagia, vaginal bleeding that is not synchronized with a menstrual period

Other articles related to "spotting, spottings":

Spotting Rifle
... A spotting rifle is a small-calibre rifle used as a sighting device for artillery ... The ballistics of the spotting rifle are matched to those of the artillery piece, so that if a shot from the spotting rifle lands on the target, it may be assumed that the main weapon will also do so ...
Spotting (dance Technique) - Usage
... Spotting is advantageous for dancers in several ways It prevents dizziness by providing a fixed focus for the eyes ... Spotting technique is employed for many types of turns, including pirouettes and chaînés ... and calm — would be disturbed by the abrupt head movements of spotting ...
Spotting (dance Technique)
... Spotting is a technique used by dancers during the execution of various dance turns ... The goal of spotting is to attain a constant orientation of the dancer's head and eyes, to the extent possible, in order to enhance the dancer's control and prevent ... As a dancer turns, spotting is performed by rotating the body and head at different rates ...
Sky-Watcher - Products - Spotting Scopes
... Sky-Watcher spotting scopes come in three different designs ... Maksutov Spottings are sold as Maksutov telescopes available in 80 – 127 mm (3.15 – 5 in) apertures, and are sold as OTA with very long focal ratios and red-dot style reflector ... ST1545 and ST2060 spotting scopes are wide-angle and available in 50 and 60 mm (1.97 and 2.36 in) sizes with 15-45x and 20-60x zoom respectively ...