Sponsor or sponsorship may refer to:

  • Sponsor (commercial), supporter of an event, activity, or person
  • Sponsor (legislative), a person who introduces a bill
  • "Sponsor" (song), a song by Teairra MarĂ­
  • Child sponsorship, form of charitable giving
  • Sponsor of ship naming and launching
  • Sponsor of baptism
  • Sponsorship in a twelve-step program
  • Sponsorship, a key concept in Self-relations Psychotherapy

Other articles related to "sponsor, sponsors":

Leveraging Sponsorships and Activation
... These are the terms used by many sponsorship professionals, which refer to how a sponsor uses the benefits they are allocated under the terms of a ... communications to exploit the commercial potential of the association between a sponsor and sponsee" while activation has been defined as those "communications that promote the engagement, involvement, or ...
Ship Sponsor
... A ship sponsor, by tradition, is a female civilian who is invited to "sponsor" a vessel, presumably to bestow good luck and divine protection over the seagoing vessel and all that sail aboard ... In the United States Navy and the United States Coast Guard the sponsor is technically considered a permanent member of the ship's crew and is expected to give a part of her ... For passenger ships the sponsor is called a Godmother ...
Sqrambled Scuares - Set - Changes
... The plaque showing the main sponsor's logo (the sponsor that provided the bonus money) was added between the contestants' scores on June 7, 2004 (Episode #84) ... Two weeks later (June 21), an oversized $100 bill was placed underneath the show's sponsor plaque between the contestants ... The first sponsor shown on the contestant podium was High Country Bank from June 7, 2004 to May 2, 2005 from May 9 to June 20, the Scrambled Squares logo was seen instead of a sponsor ...
Mother Nature Network - Business Model
... for a 12-month term, during which time the sponsor receives a 100 percent share of the promotional units on all pages within its respective category ... Furthermore, as opposed to traditional advertising spaces, mnn.com's primary sponsor unit is composed of five video and interactive boxes that feature sponsor content that is ... Much of this content is produced by MNN on behalf of sponsors as part of the overall sponsorship arrangement ...

Famous quotes containing the word sponsor:

    The most puzzling thing about TV is the steady advance of the sponsor across the line that has always separated news from promotion, entertainment from merchandising. The advertiser has assumed the role of originator, and the performer has gradually been eased into the role of peddler.
    —E.B. (Elwyn Brooks)