Spiral Arms

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Density Wave Theory - Galactic Spiral Arms
... Originally, astronomers had the idea that the arms of a spiral galaxy were material ... However, if this were the case, then the arms would become more and more tightly wound, since the matter nearer to the center of the galaxy rotates faster than the matter at the edge ... The arms would become indistinguishable from the rest of the galaxy after only a few orbits ...
Rare Earth Hypothesis - Rare Earth's Requirements For Complex Life - The Right Location in The Right Kind of The Galaxy
... Hence the further a planet lies from the galactic center or a spiral arm, the less likely it is to be struck by a large bolide ... galaxy (2) and (3) rule out galactic inner regions, globular clusters,{{{1}}} and the spiral arms of spiral galaxies.{{{1}}} These arms are not physical objects, but regions of ... levels are high, such as the galactic center and the spiral arms, would appear most favourable ...
Atlas Of Peculiar Galaxies - List of Galaxies in The Catalog - Elliptical and Elliptical-like Galaxies - Elliptical Galaxies Repelling Spiral Arms
... it appears that Arp originally thought that the elliptical galaxies were pushing away spiral arms in companion galaxies ... However, the tidal spiral arms may actually look distorted because of the interaction ... Some of these "repelled" spiral arms are on the opposite side of the spiral galaxy from the elliptical galaxy ...
Galaxy Morphological Classification - De Vaucouleurs System
... De Vaucouleurs argued that Hubble's two-dimensional classification of spiral galaxies—based on the tightness of the spiral arms and the presence or ... argued that rings and lenses are important structural components of spiral galaxies ... retains Hubble’s basic division of galaxies into ellipticals, lenticulars, spirals and irregulars ...

Famous quotes containing the words arms and/or spiral:

    I take your arms boldly,
    each day a new excursion.
    Come, my sister,
    we are two virgins,
    our lives once more perfected
    and unused.
    Anne Sexton (1928–1974)

    What is art,
    But life upon the larger scale, the higher,
    When, graduating up in a spiral line
    Of still expanding and ascending gyres,
    It pushes toward the intense significance
    Of all things, hungry for the Infinite?
    Art’s life,—and where we live, we suffer and toil.
    Elizabeth Barrett Browning (1806–1861)