Spent Nuclear Fuel

Spent nuclear fuel, occasionally called used nuclear fuel, is nuclear fuel that has been irradiated in a nuclear reactor (usually at a nuclear power plant). It is no longer useful in sustaining a nuclear reaction in an ordinary thermal reactor.

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Spent Nuclear Fuel Shipping Cask
... Spent nuclear fuel shipping casks are used to transport spent nuclear fuel used in nuclear power plants and research reactors to disposal sites such as the nuclear ...
Gundremmingen Nuclear Power Plant - Interim Storage of Spent Nuclear Fuel
... Since August 2004, an interim storage facility has been established on the grounds of the nuclear power plant for spent fuel elements with a heavy metal ... had submitted a request to store up to 192 containers of spent nuclear fuel ... there still existed no permanent depository anywhere in the world for spent nuclear fuel, which requires safe containment for approximately a million years ...
Nuclear Fuel Cycle - Service Period - Reprocessing
... Main article Nuclear reprocessing See also Spent nuclear fuel Spent fuel discharged from reactors contains appreciable quantities of fissile (U-235 and Pu-239), fertile (U-238), and other radioactive ... and fertile materials can be chemically separated and recovered from the spent fuel ... economic and institutional conditions permit, be recycled for use as nuclear fuel ...
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