Species Diversity

Species diversity is the effective number of different species that are represented in a collection of individuals (a dataset). The effective number of species refers to the number of equally-abundant species needed to obtain the same mean proportional species abundance as that observed in the dataset of interest (where all species may not be equally abundant). Species diversity consists of two components, species richness and species evenness. Species richness is a simple count of species, whereas species evenness quantifies how equal the abundances of the species are.

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... important habitat for both native and migratory bird species. 184 bird species, 46 being migratory, were recorded in traditional coffee plantations near Soconusco, Chiapas, while as few as 6 to 12 species were recorded in an unshaded monoculture ... sun coffee comparisons in Guatemala, overall bird abundance and diversity were 30% and 15% greater, respectively, in shaded farms than sun farms ...
Trends in Species Diversity
... The observed species diversity is affected not only by the number of individuals but also by the heterogeneity of the sample ... are drawn from different environmental conditions (or different habitats), the species diversity of the resulting set can be expected to be higher than if all individuals are drawn from a similar environment ... Increasing the area sampled increases observed species diversity both because more individuals get included in the sample and because large areas are environmentally more ...
Fringing Reef - Species Diversity
... The backreef area has the least species diversity, which increases seaward towards the reef crest ... has led to reduced light reaching the coral species and has also led to a greater number of larger invertebrates to be found ... Over recent years the dominant species in the reef flat have been affected by environmental changes ...
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... is suggested to be the reason for the latitudinal diversity gradient ... or preclude specialization, a constant environment can allow species to specialize on predictable resources, allowing them to have narrower niches and ... more detail below) suggests that temperate regions are thus expected to have less species diversity than the tropics ...

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