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List Of Fatal Fury Characters - Introduced in Fatal Fury - Raiden
... His primary special move in the game is the Vapor Breath ... He returns as a regular playable character in Fatal Fury 2 and Fatal Fury Special, where he renounces his Raiden persona and now fights as an unmasked face wrestler under the ... His special moves in Fatal Fury 2 includes the Giant Bomb, a rushing tackle, and the Super Drop Kick ...
List Of Beyblade: Metal Fusion Episodes - Episode List
... Meanwhile Kenta wonders whether Sagittario could have a special move, Madoka explaining it's possible ... Kenta battles in his place, unbeknown to Hikaru 07 "It's Our Special Move! Sagittario" "Hissatsu Tengi da! Sajitario" (必殺転技だ!サジタリオ) May 17, 2009 June 5, 2010 Kenta is trained by Benkei to ... They both launch their special moves, but in the end Yu is victorious 23 "The Road to the Battle Bladers" "Batoru Bureedaazu he no michi ...
Muppet Race Mania - Weapons
... in a small room it will bounce against the walls in order to hit the opponent(s) Special Move - Each Muppet character has their own special move that can be activated after ... This move is applied to all other players in play ... The move generally stuns other players (in some theatrical manner) and prevents them from moving forward ...
Denshi Sentai Denziman - Characters - Denjiman
... Special move Denzi Vacuum Kick (デンジ真空蹴り, Denji Shinku Keri?), Denzi Punch Daigoro Oume (青梅 大五郎, Ōme Daigorō?) / Denzi Blue (デンジブルー, Denjiburū?) A circus acrobat who teaches ... Special moves Blue Rocket, Blue Screw Kick (ブルースクリューキック, Burū Sukuryū Kikku?), Blue Snake (ブルースネーク, Burū Sunēku?), Denzi Drill Jun Kiyama (黄山 純, Kiyama Jun?) / Denzi ... Special moves Denzi Suplex (デンジスープレックス, Denji Sūpurekkusu?), Flying Attack (フライングアタック, Furaingu Atakku?), Hammer Punch (ハンマーパンチ, Hanmā Panchi ...

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