Spacer may refer to:

  • An unthreaded piece of rigid tubing of defined length used to separate one assembly from another
  • Spacer (Asimov), in Isaac Asimov's Robot Series
  • Rebar spacer, in concrete construction
  • Spacer, alias for flesh tunnel, a type of body piercing
  • Spacer, element in HTML Webpage design
  • Spacer, someone who is stoned or high.

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Molecular Spacer
... A Molecular spacer or simply a spacer in chemistry is any flexible part of a molecule providing a connection between two other parts of a molecule ...
Multiple Patterning - Self-aligned Spacer
... A spacer is a film layer formed on the sidewall of a pre-patterned feature ... A spacer is formed by deposition or reaction of the film on the previous pattern, followed by etching to remove all the film material on the horizontal surfaces, leaving only the ... the original patterned feature, only the spacer is left ...
Spacer - Science and Medicine
... Asthma spacer, medical equipment Molecular spacer, in molecular chemistry Orthodontic spacer Prostate Rectum Spacers, in radiation oncology ...
Spacer DNA
... Spacer DNA are regions of non-transcribed DNA between tandemly repeated genes, such as ribosomal RNA genes in eukaryotes ... In bacteria, spacer DNA sequences are only a few nucleotides long ... The term is used particularly for the spacer DNA between the many tandemly repeated copies of the ribosomal RNA genes ...
Carcerand - Synthesis
... both hemicarcerands takes place through a spacer group ... nucleophilic displacement and the resulting the spacer group is a dimethylsulfide (CH2SCH2) ... The 4 spacer groups connecting the two spheres are now much longer and consequently the internal cavity is much larger ...